Laz It Up!

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Laz It Up!

Lazada is an e-commerce platform operating in multiple Southeast Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. They offer a diverse range of products, including electronics, fashion, beauty, home appliances, and more, with the aim of providing a seamless online shopping experience to customers.

Crafting a Global Presence with Lazada

Lazada wanted to increase seller registrations and highlight the benefits of using Lazada Marketplace in Southeast Asia through an awareness campaign. Hence, they engaged Superminted to produce a series of videos and key visuals (KVs) for Lazada Marketplace, with a focus on showcasing its outstanding service offerings and the significant impact of collaborations with prominent brands, illustrated through the success stories of current sellers. 

The videos were filmed across various Southeast Asia locations — Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. However, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions we were unable to bring our production crew to the various country markets to direct and utilise our expertise. 

Despite being unable to travel, we embraced the challenge with open arms, leveraging the power of the internet. We collaborated closely with our overseas partners via Zoom, Google Meets, and other tele-meet platforms to create outstanding cinematic content.

We partnered with local videographers to create the series

From Idea to Picture

We opted for a stronger creative direction to enhance the video’s appeal, moving away from the conventional corporate nature of such projects. 

At the heart of this creative journey was our Art Director, Kyra, who was devoted to preserving the essence of human stories in a photojournalistic style. This approach was strategically chosen to create a compelling and enduring call-to-action, which was particularly fitting, especially since it coincided with Lazada’s anniversary celebration! Her vision not only shaped the production’s concept but also played a pivotal role in aligning our artistic vision with an accurate portrayal of the sellers’ stories.

Our approach to filming aimed to capture the sellers, their environment and interpersonal relationships in a genuine and unscripted manner. This eliminated the need for any acting and fostered a deeper connection with the audience, immersing them in the storyline as if they were part of it.

Behind the Screens

Our team placed a strategic focus on crafting a compelling narrative to drive the storytelling effectively and establish the video’s tone. This gave our storyboard teams a solid grasp for planning the visuals, despite not having seen the remote locations yet. 

After obtaining location photos from our overseas crews, we matched them to the script and aligned them with our visual direction. The plans established during this stage served as a reference guide for our post-production team. 

During the shoot, our Head of Production, Douglas, meticulously assessed the nuances of each environment. He skillfully adjusted our approach accordingly, considering various shooting angles that allowed us to accentuate the unique characteristics of each setting. 

Our overseas crew also played a pivotal role in helping us create the look and feel of the video. They shared valuable insights and local knowledge about the shooting environments that gave our video an authentic “native” look and feel.

Our local team working behind the scenes

Adapting to the Digital Era

As the shoot progressed, we remained dedicated to monitoring and ensuring alignment with our pre-production plans. To maintain agility, we implemented two review structures

The first was a live review where our overseas crews broadcasted their camera views directly into Zoom, enabling efficient on-the-spot directing. This real-time connection allowed for efficient, on-the-spot direction, ensuring that every shot met the standards that we were expecting.

This same method was also applied to the creation of our KVs, where Kyra was involved in briefing and directing the local photographer on the spot to increase efficiency. 

In instances where live transmission wasn’t feasible, we opted for a post-shoot review approach, which was our second review structure. We invited our Lazada clients to join us at our office, which created a collaborative atmosphere and allowed us to address any concerns immediately. This proactive approach not only helped prevent the need for re-shoots but also fostered trust between the client and the working team. 

Despite the challenges, these restrictions provided an opportunity for us to enhance our remote production capabilities. Our adeptness in using internet tools allowed us to transcend geographical barriers and maximise our available resources.

Levelled Up

This project aligned with Lazada’s people-centric brand identity in 2022 and propelled the company in the right direction. It also helped to refresh connections with Lazada’s prospective clients and long-term supporters. 

Leveraging our extensive production expertise and in-depth comprehension of Lazada’s business, this project also allowed us to explore new horizons and seize remote project opportunities across various divisions within the company.

For Superminted, this project not only expanded our remote production capabilities but also reinforced the significance of collaboration and innovation in the face of adversity. Our biggest takeaway from this project was the importance of effective communication and trust within our tribe members and with our overseas partners. 

Our success was attributed to the adaptability and spontaneity of both Superminted and the overseas crew. This was also an especially rewarding accomplishment for the Agency as it won us a Gold and Local Hero for the Video/Production Company of the Year at the Agency of the Year Awards 2023.  

Watch the video here.


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