Employer Branding: The Power of Video

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Employer Branding: The Power of Video

In our last article, we answered a simple question – What is employer branding?” We examined the value of employer branding as a human resources (HR) management strategy, discussing the benefits that strong employer branding provided, including perks such as attracting and retaining top talent, reducing turnover, and lowering hiring costs. That discussion culminated in potential action steps for employer branding campaigns and templates for employer branding strategies

The topic of employer branding, and all its intricacies, demanded a follow-up. We felt there was more to explore and deeper insights to share. After talking about the “what”, we need to tackle the “’how” – specifically how videos can be a vital tool in supercharging your employer branding efforts. Strategies and campaigns serve as theoretical blueprints, but here, we’re emphasising action and exploring the dynamic role of video in bringing your employer brand to life. We want you to recognise that videos go beyond just mere content; they’re the lynchpin in employer branding solutions.

Why Video?

In the last decade, videos have become the go-to medium across platforms. That trend rises to greater prominence in the realm of marketing and branding, according to a report by industry giant Hubspot. It’s clear to see why that is, especially when employer branding is concerned. Employer branding videos offer a rare glimpse behind the curtain for job seekers, allowing them to picture a future working with you and earning their buy-in even before they click “Apply”. 

All that begs the question, what makes an effective employer branding video and how do I get it right? The answer lies in honesty, authenticity, and consistency.

From Intern to Intern

Take our own employer branding videos as an example. The objective of this employer branding video was to showcase the stories and experiences each one of our interns had during their 180 day internships. To represent our employer brand effectively, it was crucial to include behind the scenes clips as well as candid “talking head” interviews.

The overall creative direction took inspiration from the “Turning Red” documentary, which set the benchmark for the tone, language, and edit style of our employer branding video. This bred a consistent and cohesive narrative for viewers, truly highlighting our commitment to fostering talent and helping potential employees envision themselves working at Superminted.

We're Out of Office!

Employer branding videos aren’t just limited to long-form content. As part of a multi-pronged employer branding strategy, we took to social media platforms to share a short tongue-in-cheek pastiche of a typical Out-Of-Office message. 

Inspired by an Iceland tourism campaign called “OutHorse Your Email”, the video gave us an opportunity to flex our creative prowess and provide audiences with a sneak peek behind the scenes in a playful and candid way. 

This video greatly bolstered our employer branding by providing insight into our agency’s culture – our tribe’s ability to work hard, and play even harder, making Superminted an appealing choice for potential talent.

What about Employer Branding Strategies for Clients?

Earlier this year, CXC introduced a lifestyle and career platform known as “Out of Office (OOO)” which provided users with access to a diverse range of remote job features. These features included exclusive discounts, updates on latest industry developments, and a community of like-minded individuals. Wanting to generate excitement and raise awareness about OOO’s official website launch, they sought an employer branding video that highlighted its key features. 

To bring this vision to life, we drew inspiration from an essential workplace tool – the keyboard. We developed a travelogue-styled employer branding video that shifted the paradigm of commonly used keys like “escape” and “delete”, redefining what they could mean to office workers. Instead of buttons in a workflow, these words now represented the freedom to work anywhere and the removal of environmental limitations.

The result was a resounding success, propelling CXC’s brand to even greater heights. It solidified their standing as an industry-leading workforce management solutions firm that champions digital nomadism. 

Elevate your Employer Branding with Videos

Applied effectively, videos elevate core messages with a combination of production quality, compelling stories, and strategic content. Coupled with their shareability and ease of consumption, employer branding videos reach further, spread faster, and hit harder. Above all, they’re an invitation to journey into the heart of your organisation’s culture and discover your brand identity. 

If you’re ready to level up your employer branding and show the world what you have to offer, connect with us and we’ll craft your next employer branding video today!

Yu Hui is a Marketing Intern at Superminted driven by her passion for the communications industry. She aspires to master the art of modern marketing strategies and making a meaningful impact.


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