Your Bedroom Secrets: Branding With Bedding

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Your Bedroom Secrets: Branding With Bedding

In the hospitality industry where there are countless hotels to choose from, what would convince customers to choose you?

This is where branding comes in to set you apart from other competitors. Not only does brand recognition play a pivotal role in generating bookings and reservations, the experiences that these customers associate your hotel with matter too.

If I wanted to recharge and rejuvenate on a hotel getaway, comfort and personalised services are important to me. Just imagine: a hotel staff greeting you with a bright smile and addressing you by your name. What a great way to start your day! 

Photography by visualsofdana on Unsplash

As standard bearers of your brand, your staff must embrace and emulate the brand message. Invest in employee brandingBefore you conduct internal branding workshops for your people, you should have a clear sense of what your brand stands forThings like your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), mission and vision. Branding also applies to the restaurants and retail stores at your hotel; and the experience people get out of the place.

Most of us would agree that a night’s rest at a hotel beats sleeping at home, anytime. Was it because we woke up to a stunning room view? Or was it that therapeutic bubble bath I took? Well, back when we could travel, some of us might even dismiss it as flight fatigue. But there’s so much more to the secrets these hotel rooms withhold.

Photography by Park Hyatt New York via 10Best

Pillow talk

Not many are aware but hotels do take your bed experience very seriously. As a matter of fact, a lot of research goes into creating the perfect bed experience for hotel guests. The cosy duvet that envelops you once you slide under those heavenly covers. A freshly-made bed with crisp and taut sheets waiting for you to leave your mark. The white linens that create a calming, spa-like feeling. And those fluffy, cloud-like pillows that lull you into sweet slumber.

And so, the million-dollar question remains: How are hotel pillows so… soft?

Photography by Down Etc

Bedroom secret #1

Much thought (and budget) go into the purchase of these pillows. Whether it is the composition of the pillows e.g. made with feathers from goose down, feather down blend or down alternatives or types of pillows e.g. anti-ageing pillow, tatami pillow, they go through careful evaluation by the hotel management to create an unforgettable sleeping experience for guests.

    1. Goose or duck down pillow
      • Made with soft feathers obtained from goose or duck down;
      • Soft, fluffy and long-lasting;
      • Exclusive and exorbitantly priced; and
      • Considered luxury pillows and are found in large hotel chains like Hilton and Marriott.
    2. Feather and down blend pillow
      • Offers medium density firmness with a 50/50 feather ratio;
      • Firm yet soft;
      • Provides the same comfort as down pillows, without triggering allergies;
      • Fair price point and is a favourite among popular hotel chains like Sheraton.
    3. Alternatives to down pillow
      • Made up of polyester microfiber material;
      • Recommended for people prone to neck strains and shoulder pains;
      • Dominating the industry due to its hypoallergenic nature.

Some hotels which have cottoned on to their customers’ needs and wants even offer pillow menus. Hotels like Conrad Centennial Singapore provide as many as 16 different pillows for guests to choose from – all for a good night’s sleep. So rest your head, there’s no need to bring your own pillow along!

Pillow menu by Conrad Centennial Singapore. Photography by Trip Advisor

Bedroom secret #2

Apart from the filling of these pillows, colour scheme also plays a part in the bed, or room experience. The sheets and pillow cases are often white to portray a fresh and clean look. White sheets are an implicit sign of quality assurance from the hotels. Precisely because any stain would be obvious to the naked eye.

Like black, white also matches easily with any colour. Therefore, it becomes effortless to maintain consistency in how the room looks, while incorporating some of the hotel’s branding elements.

Bedroom secret #3

To maintain firmness and other attributes that contribute to quality sleep, hotel pillows are periodically replaced. Same, I was 0 years old when I learnt about this.

Photography by Standard Textile Co.

Bedroom secret #4

Have you noticed the different sized pillows resting on your hotel bed – nope, the hotel isn’t forming a literal cloudland on your bed because they bought too many pillows.

Together with the decorative pillows, they create an illusion of luxury and finesse. Piling pillows on the bed makes one feel like they are sleeping among clouds; meeting the needs of guests who are seeking repose. More importantly, this variation provides options for guests to choose their headrest for the night, even if the hotel doesn’t have a pillow menu.

It’s all part of the strategy.

Branding with bedding

It’s no wonder why those hotel beds always seem to be calling out to you. And that’s just pillows we are talking about. Now that we have divulged these bedroom secrets, you can recreate the same experience in your own homes too!

With hotel branding so closely interwoven with customer satisfaction, it becomes an added measure of quality of your hotel services. Like how a hotel brand makes someone feel at the mention of its name.

This makes customer experience notably important for service-oriented organisations like hotels. Every interaction and touchpoint becomes an opportunity to show your guests what your brand stands for; and what they can expect from your brand in order to forge a connection.

As the Content Creator at The Outsiders Co. (now Superminted), Jasmine is a storyteller who translates her love for learning into content that is entertaining and relatable for the audience. She believes in connecting with the audience through the words she pens – or types.


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