What Are The Types Of Employer Branding Videos?

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What Are The Types Of Employer Branding Videos?

First, let’s begin with answering an important question – namely, what exactly is employer branding? Employer branding is the strategic and multifaceted approach undertaken by organisations to shape and communicate their reputation and image as an employer. This involves defining and showcasing the unique attributes, values, and cultures that set the company apart as a desirable place to work.

"What is employer branding?"

In a highly competitive business landscape, effective employer branding is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent by showcasing a company’s unique culture and values. However, the intangible nature of these elements makes it difficult for organisations to clearly and consistently communicate their Employee Value Proposition (or “EVP”) to both prospective and existing employees. This is where the power of well-crafted videos come into play, enhancing employer branding efforts.

We’ve previously spoken about how videos are a vital way to level up your employer branding. As the go-to medium across platforms, videos offer concrete examples behind what drives a company and what its culture looks like. It materialises the ineffable nature of lofty ideals and condenses it down to palpable instances that prospective employees can believe in and buy into.  

Here at Superminted, we classify employer branding videos into three overarching categories – business classics, unconventional edge, and big picture narratives. Let’s take a look at some examples of these types of employer branding videos.


Seeking to attract the best talents to stay ahead of their competitors in the cut-throat industry of e-commerce, Lazada needed a recruitment video that would attract the best talent. The video had to give prospective employees an inside glimpse into the company’s culture and organisational values. Superminted was able to facilitate this by producing a recruitment video that featured interviews with key executives in the company, interspersed with footage from day-to-day operations. Its all-rounded nature, with an emphasis on the company’s values and culture, incorporated elements of Business Classic style employer branding videos. 

Lazada Employer Branding

Prior to the creative conceptualisation and video production of this project, Superminted had already established a history of successful video projects alongside the e-commerce giant. The scope of our work included everything from product reviews to profile features, which gave us an in-depth understanding of Lazada’s requirements.

As part of our past shoots and collaborations, we were able to record significant amounts of B-roll content which we compiled into a veritable library of Lazada-related stock footage. This all proved pivotal when it came to levelling up Lazada’s employer branding video, by adding real-world glimpses of employee interactions within office spaces.

The end result was a video that possessed strong pull, encapsulating the look and feel of the company in a visceral way. It went a long way in helping prospective employees picture themselves as part of the Lazada team, reinforcing recruitment efforts for the company.

NTUC Income

NTUC Income Employer Branding

This project was the result of a collaboration between Superminted and GERMS, a marketing consultancy located in Singapore. In our partnership, GERMS ideated the creative angle for the four part series and Superminted led point for video production. In other words, our job was to document the footage and stylise it in an earnest and honest way. 

NTUC Income’s goal with this particular project was to show that the company cares, especially in a digital era where ‘care’ is often displayed through shallow means such as virtual hugs and greetings. The campaign message was centred around the term “Real Care”, and the objective of each video was to show how NTUC Income and their agents walked the talk, putting their words into action.

What made this project so unique was the focus on the human stories and relationships that are often overlooked in the industry. By emphasising these elements and putting them front and centre of each video, Superminted was able to invert the business-and-numbers-first image that insurance companies are often associated with. This approach, which captured the genuine connections between NTUC Income clients and agents, helped to further bolster the company’s reputation as an employer that cares – for their clients and employees.


With its established position as one of the Big Four professional services organisations, KPMG is a storied company that needs no introduction. To strengthen its market position, KPMG approached Superminted to produce an employer branding video that outlined the company’s future trajectory while assuring stakeholders of its effectiveness ahead of a historic leadership change.

KPMG Employer Branding

Previously, Superminted had worked with KPMG to provide event coverage and we fully understood the value of what was unfolding. We felt the significance of the situation as the accounting giant embraced the future, with their first ever female Managing Director stepping up to take the reins.

Large legacy brands like KPMG often use such videos as part of their public relations strategies to communicate key messages. However, given the ground-breaking context of this employer branding video, Superminted adopted a non-traditional approach, utilising Big Picture Narratives to highlight the ambitious ideas presented by KPMG. 

To reinforce KPMG’s core message of looking towards the future, we relied heavily on our post-production team’s expertise in graphic effects to give the video a tech-centric, futuristic look and feel. Many scenes subtly conveyed the theme of “transformation,” demonstrating how the future could be shaped by KPMG’s leadership. The end result was an employer branding video that synthesised gorgeous visuals with KPMG’s vision, mission, and values, delivering a message of confidence and sustained legacy.

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Daryl is a Copy Editor at Superminted, fueled by a love for bringing emotionally engaging stories to life. With  carefully selected words and a smart turn of phrase, he is devoted to helping brands shape their unique voice.


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