The Power of Spotify for Brands

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The Power of Spotify for Brands

Look around you. How many ads do you see?

With the number of ads that we are exposed to daily, have they become such a norm that some become ‘invisible’ to us? Past outdoor advertising, there are push notifications on your e-commerce apps, sponsored posts on social media and suggested websites on your search engine.

Billboard ad
Image by Clear Channel

To cut through the noise clutter, brands need to make consistent and conscious efforts to rise above the rest. But, how? 

From singing in the shower, working out to adrenaline-charged songs to hearing jingles in advertisements, music has always been and will continue to be an integral part of our everyday lives. Music holds the power to bring people together in different ways, transcending age, gender, race and language.

Image by Nike+ Run Club via Shape

Spotify, one of the leading music streaming platforms in the world today, provides the window of opportunity for brands to make use of unconventional marketing methods. The best part? You get to reach new audiences without exhausting many resources, for the sake of creating content. And… who doesn’t have a Spotify account these days?

So… What Does Spotify Marketing Do?

A good playlist may not be bringing in revenue for your brand but… there are definitely merits to Spotify marketing.


If you are looking to spread the word, starting a branded playlist is a good way to increase brand awareness. You get to reach out to new customers and cut through the noise clutter on social media by reaching out to users on music streaming platforms.


Like how music tastes reveal a lot about a person, the same goes for your brand’s playlist. Since this additional platform counts as a touch point and extension of your brand, it’s important to curate the playlist and ensure it reflects your brand image and persona accurately. 

Get to know your audience better! By planning your playlists with the musical taste of your audience in mind, you are also creating more opportunities for engagement based on similar tastes and preferences. And every time your playlist is on, the listeners would be reminded of your brand. Just remember, it should never be about adding your personal favourites to the list!

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And here are some branded playlists you can check out!


For all pasta enthusiasts who are particular about getting that al dente texture right, our favourite household brand, Barilla Italia, has curated playlists covering all pasta shapes and genres! Now instead of throwing your noods at the wall, these playlists last the exact duration it takes to cook your pasta to perfection. Just looking at the titles, my favourites are definitely Moody Day Linguine and Pleasant Melancholy Penne. What’s yours?


Since our workout playlists motivate us to get moving, this gives sports and lifestyle brands an opportunity to curate their own.

Nike+ Run Club playlist

Nike+ Run Club put up a series of playlists titled “Run with XX”, collaborating with notable personalities like American Olympic athlete Dalilah Muhammad and YouTube influencer Bretman Rock. Besides putting your brand on the same page as consumers with similar tastes and preferences, you also get to tap into the following of these personalities. 

And for days when the inertia to get moving is high, Nike also has a “Don’t Want to Run Run” playlist to get you pumped up!


Fast food giants have also hopped on the bandwagon. The most notable one being KFC’s Bucket Bangers playlist, gathering 46 best songs that mentioned KFC in their lyrics as part of a brand awareness campaign. But more importantly, solidifying its brand presence in pop culture.
KFC Campaign
Image by D&AD
Apart from fitness brands and fast food giants, luxury fashion houses are also making use of branded playlists to create a more immersive experience for their consumers especially during the peak of the pandemic.


As part of Gucci’s 100th anniversary celebration last year, the brand held a multimedia exhibition titled “Gucci Garden Archetypes”. Apart from its visual playground, a playlist was specially curated to bring the brand’s creative vision to life. This played a big part in creating a sensorial experience for those who were unable to attend the exhibition physically.
Image by Gucci via FEMALE Singapore

What You Can Do


If your brand has a physical store, there’s no better place to share your curated playlists and create a nice ambience for your consumers to shop at. It might even affect their mood and the duration of their stay!


Your customers are going to appreciate these event playlists you create for special occasions. These are playlists they can put on when they host parties or have guests over and that allows you to bring your brand experience into their homes!

But let’s not forget your employee experience too. One good way to showcase the vibrant culture of your company includes a shared playlist – just like what we did at Superminted. And these songs were contributed by our very own tribe!

Besides creating a common playlist that you can play at work, it also gives you a peek into the musical tastes and preferences of people you work with.


Here’s your chance to show your brand’s witty personality! Besides curating songs you add to your playlist, you can spell out a message using song titles like how Wendy’s does it. This engages your listeners and can potentially intrigue them into finding out more about your brand. A recipe for a good time indeed!

And that’s it! Have fun exploring if your brand isn’t on Spotify already. 

Remember, always reach your customers where they are at and be where they are at. See you in our next article and until then, don’t be a stranger!

As Superminted’s Content Strategist, Jasmine is a storyteller who translates her love for learning into content that is entertaining and relatable for the audience. She believes in connecting with the audience through the words she pens – or types.


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