Rethink Recruitment Through Employer Branding

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Rethink Recruitment Through Employer Branding

Our Client, JW Marriott, renowned for its luxury hospitality services and operating under the Marriott International conglomerate, embarked on a mission to bolster its recruitment endeavours in South-East Asia. Recognising the need to fortify their global presence and strengthen their workforce, JW Marriott initiated a series of recruitment videos aimed at positioning itself as the premier employer within the hospitality industry.

Superminted had a history of collaboration with JW Marriott, particularly in producing internal corporate communication videos for their Asia Pacific Excluding China (APEC) offices. When JW Marriott broached the topic of recruitment videos, we eagerly embraced the opportunity to showcase our prowess in brand management and innovation in the realm of recruitment marketing.

Source: JW Marriot

Client Goals and Objectives

JW Marriott’s goals were clear: they sought to illustrate the extensive array of career opportunities available within their global network of hotels. Moreover, they aimed to shed light on the journey of career progression within the organisation, emphasising employee benefit programs such as regular training sessions aimed at upskilling and fast-tracking leadership development. Importantly, these objectives were to be complemented by a strong message of diversity and inclusion, aligning with the organisation’s core values.

Initially, JW Marriott envisioned leveraging their global reputation and status as industry leaders to entice prospective talent. Their strategy involved filming interviews with key decision makers and C-suite executives to offer insights into JW Marriott’s corporate culture, vision, and mission. However, drawing from our extensive experience in brand management and video production, we recognised that the conventional corporate recruitment video format often fell short in resonating with potential applications. Hence, our Creative team proposed a departure from the norm.

Employer Branding BTS The Superminted team going over reference shots, see if you can spot this in example in the video!

Creative Concept

We firmly believe that recruitment videos should captivate the audience and serve as a catalyst for action, a trait often lacking in cookie-cutter recruitment videos. Our approach centred around weaving themes of growth and transformation into the fabric of the recruitment video, primarily through the lens of employee narratives. By spotlighting JW Marriot’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) through emotionally engaging storylines, our objective was to forge an emotional connection with the audience.

Our Creatives championed a non-traditional approach – a recruitment video designed to resonate with the audience by encapsulating the employee’s journey within the JW Marriott ecosystem. The aim was to transcend mere storytelling and immerse the audience in the rich tapestry of the JW Marriott experience, sparking a genuine desire to be part of the JW Marriott family.

Watch the full video here!

Challenges in Execution

A key consideration we mulled over when pitching the non-traditional recruitment video was whether we had the necessary resources to pull off such an ambitious project. The existing budget JW Marriott set aside was more suited for simple interview-style recruitment videos, stitched together in post production. Despite these limitations, our team unanimously agreed that the narrative-style video was what was necessary to help our clients meet their objectives. We took it upon ourselves to work within the constraints of the original budget, and deliver a high impact video that JW Marriott truly deserved.

To work around the budget constraints, we pivoted towards a leaner video production crew and cast of talents. Internally, this meant that several team members had to fill multiple roles on set. Owing to our expertise as a brand management agency, with integrated capabilities, we were equipped to do so without compromising on the quality of the final product. For example, our producers doubled up as project managers to oversee the timeline of the project. They meticulously planned and coordinated the shoot with the JW Marriott team to capture all the necessary footage,while staying within the original budget by avoiding costly reshoots.

Our creative team also made the strategic decision to enlist JW Marriott’s staff to star in the video. This not only allowed us to reallocate costs away from hiring external talents, it also had the added benefit of providing an additional layer of authenticity to the project.

Another critical challenge we had to navigate through the filming process was how to clearly communicate JW Marriott’s EVP while seamlessly integrating it into the video’s narrative. Done poorly, such efforts could result in an overly promotional feel and come off preachy. Here, our video production expertise proved to be instrumental. By crafting a narrative arc that mirrored the real-life journey of growth within JW Marriott, we subtly included imagery that described the organisation’s core values with the overarching message of the recruitment video to achieve our client’s goals. For example, the organisation’s core value of “putting people first” is echoed in the video through scenes of heartwarming interactions.

Ultimately, we were able to not only deliver a strong recruitment video that empowered recruitment efforts but also strengthened our client’s position in the industry through persuasive employer branding.

The Impacts of Video In Employer Branding

Unlike traditional recruitment materials, such as job postings or brochures, we understand that video allows for storytelling in a visually compelling format, evoking emotions and forging connections with viewers. In our collaboration with JW Marriott, we harnessed the power of video to bring their employer brand to life, showcasing real employee stories and experiences. This not only humanised the recruitment process but also provided potential candidates with a glimpse into the vibrant and inclusive culture within the organisation.
The successful collaboration emphasises the profound impact of video in recruitment and employer branding. Owing to our brand management expertise and integrated capabilities, Superminted enhanced JW Marriott’s recruitment efforts and strengthened their position as the employer of choice within the hospitality industry.

Your Go-To Guides

As tastes and preferences of consumers change, it is vital for brands to constantly evolve in order to stay relevant. Here at Superminted, we support brands in their journey of growth and evolution by streamlining the brand management process and shepherding positive change.

Our in-house capabilities and brand management expertise allows us to provide creative solutions that go beyond the traditional, to deliver the bold and thought-provoking.

Daryl is a Copy Editor at Superminted, fueled by a love for bringing emotionally engaging stories to life. With  carefully selected words and a smart turn of phrase, he is devoted to helping brands shape their unique voice.


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