How To Pull Off A Holiday Campaign

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How To Pull Off A Holiday Campaign

If you’re reading this article, whether by chance or intention, the immediate question that springs to mind would probably be something along the lines of this: Why run a holiday campaign in the first place?

To answer that question, we need to pull some context from behavioural psychology. In a typical non-holiday marketing campaign, the goal revolves around “selling” – trying to convince people that your brand or product is worth them parting with their hard earned money. This notion is inverted during the holidays.

Whether it’s presents for Christmas, roses for Valentine’s Day, or a new grill for Father’s Day, people are already willing to spend money on things. They’re actively seeking out options, you just have to frame yourself as the best choice.

In short, holiday campaigns provide a heuristic shortcut in appealing to your audience. To help you pull off a successful holiday campaign, we’re outlining five steps any marketer or branding agency should take note of to achieve their goals!

Step 1: Begin Planning Early!

The cardinal sin of planning a holiday campaign is not having enough lead time. Assuming you’re running a Lunar New Year campaign, and you need to have all your marketing content out by January. Working backwards, you should effectively begin planning as early as September. Your media assets should be finalised and ready to go before Christmas, and queued up the moment “Auld Lang Syne” comes on during the New Year.

Depending on the scale of your campaign, anywhere between 3-6 months should be sufficient for you to plan your multi-channeled strategies and decide what goes where.

Step 2: Define Your Campaign Goals

What are you trying to accomplish? It’s not enough just to say “I want to improve brand awareness” – you have to be able to break these goals down. It might help to begin with your problem statement first, a challenge that your holiday campaign is trying to solve. Once you’ve got your problem statement nailed, work backwards to create your campaign goals using this template.

Ultimately, marketing and campaign strategies have to be in line with your business goals. This template merely serves as the starting point for how to craft holiday campaign goals that complement your overarching business strategy.

Step 3: Zero In On Your Target Audience

Common sense might tell you to try and get as many eyeballs on your campaign as possible, after all the more impressions the better right? We previously discussed the difference between target market and target audience, but a truly successful holiday marketing campaign entails you moderate your message for your target audience.

Understand what motivates your target audience and see if that’s aligned with how you’re achieving your campaign objectives. Remember that the key lies in personalised and engaging content.

Step 4: Select The Proper Promotional Activity

So you’ve got the “who” locked in. Now comes the “what” – what are you planning to offer, market, sell, or otherwise promote that will help you achieve your campaign objectives? In most instances, holiday campaigns are geared towards experiences and make full use of the holiday mood to engage their target audience. The activity involved, whether it’s an advertisement, product launch, or even a physical event, always parlays a suspension of disbelief while placing the target audience centre stage. They need to feel as though they’re participating.


A case in reference – our 2023 Lunar New Year campaign that featured Mama Diam and Jia Jia Herbal Tea. The latter sought to break the mould and reposition itself as an everyday casual beverage. By offering an atmosphere at a local bar that oozed fun and nostalgia, we were able to utilise the environment to shape perceptions of those viewing the event. Coupled with influencers that provided a 360-degree glimpse of the event, we were able to really capture the festive vibes and energy to make the holiday campaign a success.

Step 5: Implement Data Gathering Tools

Before you launch your campaign, it is imperative that you implement systems to gather and track data from your target audience. This information is worth its weight in gold in giving you visibility of your campaign’s performance. In addition, the information also helps inform any future holiday campaigns that you might be planning next year. This is what sets a holiday campaign apart from a standard campaign – its recurring nature rewards forethought and strategy.

Take the article above as an example. Holiday-specific campaigns usually feature seasonal products, and having consumer analytics on hand allows you to stay apprised of ever changing customers’ tastes and preferences so you can develop and launch new products in time. By understanding their customers’ change in tastes, Bee Cheng Hiang was able to launch an updated product that catered to their target audience and turn their holiday campaign in Singapore into a major win.

If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail!

After all that’s said and done, holiday marketing campaigns present a huge opportunity for businesses to realise conversions. Whether you’re a branding agency in Singapore seeking some tips, or a business wanting to get started on your own, just follow these five steps and you should feel confident pulling off a successful holiday campaign.

We hope you liked what you read! If you’re on the hunt for more “How-to” guides, be sure to keep your eyes on our Insights page as we strive to be your go-to experts in all things brand management.

Daryl is a Copy Editor at Superminted, fueled by a love for bringing emotionally engaging stories to life. With  carefully selected words and a smart turn of phrase, he is devoted to helping brands shape their unique voice.


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