GastroBeats 2022

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GastroBeats 2022

GastroBeats (GB) is a dynamic and vibrant festival held annually in Singapore that brings food and music together. Held at the Bayfront Event Space, it’s a celebration of food, music and community.

Back in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic cast its shadow over large-scale events, which included GastroBeats. When community safety measures eased in 2022, GastroBeats was one of the first large-scale events to hit the scene, roaring back to life!

However, given that GastroBeats had been inactive for nearly two years, organisers were concerned about the return of their previous patrons. With GastroBeats 2022, organisers aimed to raise awareness of the festival and re-establish the popularity of the event.

Superminted was tasked to provide publicity support for GastroBeats, and ensure that the event’s potential attendees were not only well-informed but also drawn to join the excitement.

We tapped on KOLs (key opinion leaders), social media and video production to strengthen our outreach in raising awareness of the event.

What's The Hype?

When it came to identifying our target audience, the Agency narrowed it down to Gen Zs and Millennials. As COVID-19 measures eased, there was heightened interest among Gen Zs to attend live performances and festivals. Millennials were also looking for entertaining activities for themselves and their kids. With this target audience in mind, we crafted a key message that would target them — “Food, Music, Play IRL”.

Bright, vibrant colours and big fonts were used to capture the audience’s attention. The colours used were categorised into three different themes to represent each aspect of the festival– Red (Music), Blue (Play), and Yellow (Food).

GastroBeats Instagram Grid

Given our target audience, we utilised social media to spread awareness about the festival, especially TikTok. We leveraged ongoing trends and engaged with influencers to garner hype for the event. 

Leveraging the reach of local influencers to raise awareness on GastroBeats 2022

Influencers posted during the event preview to highlight the activities, which generated ample community buzz. Following the official launch, these influencers continued to post about GastroBeats. Their staggered postings helped to provide event reminders and maintained top-of-mind recall among our target audience. 

As new trends emerged, our team took the initiative to increase our TikTok content output, recognising the potential for GastroBeats to use this platform effectively.

These videos went viral and it boosted the visibility and awareness of the event. This success led the client to place their trust in us, granting us creative freedom and control over the TikTok platform.

Storyboard for pre-event video

Our video team also created three videos for this project – Pre-event, Event highlights and Post-event. We used footage from previous years to create the pre-event video. As this video was created before the actual dates of GastroBeats 2022, our team had to be resourceful and use clips from previous years to show the vibe and energy of the event. This video was also shown in cinemas to help to boost awareness of the event.

Our video production team on shoot
Our video production team on shoot

The team worked in a short time frame of under two weeks to produce the event highlights video, capturing the magic during the media preview and the thrilling second day of GastroBeats’ official launch. This had to be published fast to drive further interest to those who have yet to buy tickets while also encouraging return visits. 

Lastly, our post-event video showcased the success of the event and provided a good video summary for the client to promote their next GastroBeats event. 

Watch our videos here: Pre-Event video, Event Highlights, Post-Event Video

Adapting On The Fly

GastroBeats was a live event that depended heavily on audience participation. With last-minute lineup changes and sudden additions to culinary offerings, our team had to be agile in adapting to these unexpected developments. 

Given that we couldn’t be on-site every day to capture fresh content, we had to get creative and resourceful. To maintain the excitement of the event and generate hype, we repurposed content from previous days to ensure a steady stream of engaging material to attract new patrons.

Wrapping Up

Our efforts managed to garner:

2 million views on TikTok

Gained 2000+ followers on IG in one month

150 influencers attended the media preview

We also managed to get earned media mentions from platforms such as AsiaOne, Mothership, Honeycombers and Klook. GastroBeats 2022 was also featured on Food Tales 1, a show on Netflix.

Throughout this journey, we delved into different types of content, allowing us to engage our audience in fresh and captivating ways. Our team’s ability to think on our feet and come up with creative ideas that resonated with our target audience made a significant impact that helped the client achieve their goals. 

These experiences have honed our adaptability and enhanced our influencer outreach. They have endowed our team with a sharp skill set and a more resilient outlook for future event projects. 

Got an event coming up? Here at Superminted, we’ve got everything from social media management to video production to help you cover your event. Reach out to us to find out more! 

Lalien is a Social Media Intern at Superminted, fueled by a passion for staying ahead of the social media curve. With a keen eye on social trends, she dedicates herself to crafting engaging content and connecting with audiences across platforms.


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