From Intern to Intern

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From Intern to Intern

It takes one to know one and if you are looking for an internship, there’s no better advice than that from a fellow intern. So let’s see what they’ve got to say!

How it all started

SPMT: Hi freshies! So what made you decide to go on an internship?

Dave: I thought it would be a nice change of environment to learn new things! Besides getting hands-on experience and applying what I know, I was looking forward to gaining experiences that could not be acquired from school textbooks.

Audrey: I see it as a “trial period” for my future career. Internships give me space to learn and make mistakes, allowing me to find out more about myself; my likes and dislikes; as well as my ideal job in mind.

Loreana: I wanted to broaden my horizons, which led to searching for an overseas internship! It’s a great way to gain insights into another culture, especially since I wanted to learn about the marketing industry from a global perspective.

What sparked our interest?

SPMT: How did you find out about Superminted (SPMT)?

Dave: Like they always say, Google’s your best friend! And as an avid social media user, I naturally headed over to their Instagram page to do some stalking background research.


Li Qi: Through SPMT’s earlier website. I was very intrigued because it introduced SPMT as the marriage of a creative agency and a video production house. That was exciting because it’s not every day you find a full-service marketing agency!


Loreana: I’ve always dreamt of living and working abroad for a period of time. Living by the motto “Take the risk or lose the chance”, the opportunity presented itself when I finished my Bachelor’s in Switzerland. Since I had never been to Singapore and didn’t know anyone here, I asked a placement agency for help and that was when I got to know about SPMT.

Pro-tip from Nadie: Start your search early! Internship opportunities are often offered on a first-come-first-served basis and some companies may also have a quota on the number of interns they are taking in. (Don’t be like me! I started my search in December, which meant slower replies since it was the holiday season.) 

Our bosses, Nadine and Esther, with the interns (missing Dave!)

SPMT: What compelled you to click on that “Apply Now” button?

Anusha: The fact that I would get to interact with various departments at work was a huge plus! It would also be interesting to experience different work cultures to figure out what would be a good fit for me.

Nadie: Since I was applying for the role of a Brand and Design intern, the style of the agency’s work was very important to me. Browsing through SPMT’s past works on the website made me feel like this place was up my alley and inspired me to be a part of the team who designed work of that quality. 

Li Qi: Same! And through the website alone, you can tell that SPMT is bold, like no other. That resonated with me because I wanted to express myself through what I do.

Audrey: Honestly, I’ve heard so many intimidating stories about others’ internship experiences but I knew from the get-go that this company was different – in a good way so #trustyourgut In fact, out of the list of standard interview questions I prepared, none of those came up. Instead, it was a very casual and comfortable conversation with my interviewers, including questions on my horoscope and MBTI! Though a little thrown off, I took that as a good sign because it wasn’t a conventional interview where they only looked at paper qualifications.

Our day one

SPMT: Throwback to when you first received an offer from SPMT. Share more about that with us!

Anusha: Oh, I remember I was so nervous that I came way ahead of my reporting time! The jitters built up because there was a meeting going on when I arrived; but fast forward to today, I’ve never felt more comfortable with the tribe!

Dave: I think I was excited because of the warm welcome and encouragement I received from the tribe members across departments. It’s quite a multicultural environment and I liked that there wasn’t a strong hierarchy! Regardless of our differences, everyone was treated as equals with respect – which may not be a norm for interns in other companies.

Loreana: After refreshing my inbox countless times, I was overjoyed when I saw a letter of offer from SPMT as it meant I was one step closer to my dream. Then I booked my flight and embarked on a new journey. I came two weeks before my first day at SPMT and though a little overwhelmed by the lack of familiarity at the start, I was greeted by my bosses at the airport and had the rest of the agency help me integrate into the local culture.

Dinner after office hours — no work talk here!

I said yes – to extending my internship!

SPMT: Let’s be real. Most interns would be looking forward to celebrating the end of their internship. Why did you choose to extend your internship?

Nadie: True… But besides finding friends at SPMT, I also realised how much I have learnt about both the industry and myself. It was a very fruitful time discovering what I liked when it came to design, including unexpected interests like website design! After much consideration, I knew I wanted to continue exploring new avenues of design and that has led me to where I am today.

04 Nadie (Animation Nation) (1)
Nadie at the media preview of Animation Nation, a branding project she led!

Looking back now

SPMT: All of you have been with us for at least three months now. What are some takeaways or episodes you’d like to share with future interns?

Nadie: During my interview, I made an effort to draw out the extraverted side of me. But actually, I’m extremely reserved and take time to open up. So when I started work at SPMT, our boss, Nadine, who interviewed me then joked that she was tricked! But it dawned on me that I should make an effort to put myself out there.

Audrey: If I could time travel, I would want to improve certain designs with my current level of skills. Working on projects like Baozun’s website (a leading e-commerce business solutions provider headquartered in China) showed me how I was able to work well under pressure and also my strength in layout design! I am generally satisfied with all that I have achieved through this internship, so no regrets!


Dave: Taking on an internship really gives you a peek into how different companies operate but it helps if the role is something you are interested in! 


Nadie: Be yourself but also take the chance to explore beyond your comfort zone. It was helpful for me to find a mentor whom I can learn from during my stint here. In fact, Rachel, my supervisor, taught me how to be more polished and attentive to my designs. Besides sharing Adobe shortcuts and tools with me, she also showed me platforms where I could read up more about design or look to for inspiration. Even simple tips she gave, such as how to rebrand Animation Nation, an annual film festival, to give a more dynamic and impressionable look or simplifying the shape of the stickers so they wouldn’t look distracting to the audience, trained me to think about how my designs would look from others’ perspectives. 


Li Qi: I’m generally someone who hesitates to speak up but working in a full-service agency like Superminted has shown me how vital it is to communicate. SPMT has cultivated a culture where all our opinions are valued. Besides discussing our projects in the office, we also have dinners as a team where we share suggestions on how to improve as a designer. So I’d say, be receptive and no matter where you go, step up and share your POV!

And with that, happy graduation to our interns! Here at Superminted, we believe that every individual adds diversity to our tribe with varying personalities, backgrounds and skills. Thanks to these interns, they have enlivened our days in the office (and made some of us feel young again)!

P.S. We are always looking for curious and creative individuals to intern with us and join our tribe! If our interns have piqued your interest, check out these internship opportunities available here and let’s see if your vibe attracts our tribe.

Check out the 7-minute video below as our interns recount their experiences in their last seven days at Superminted! 

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As a former Content Strategist at Superminted, Jasmine is a storyteller who translates her love for learning into content that is entertaining and relatable for the audience. She believes in connecting with the audience through the words she pens – or types.


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Andrea Monni

Partner, Algebra
"I really enjoyed working with [Superminted]. They provided insights on our branding and positioning and delivered some great work."

Suen Tat Yam

Founder, Monster Day Tours
"[Superminted] is one of the most creative and talented companies I have worked with. I would recommend their full range of services to anyone who is looking for quality work."

Genevieve-Laine Chang

Founder, De Kinder Club
“Great team to work with! Nadine and her team are resourceful, genuine and responsive. Would recommend anyone looking to do branding to speak to [Superminted]!”

Michelle Anne Ng

Senior Marketing Manager, Simmons SEA
“Creative, fun, efficient and most importantly, effective. That is what clients can be assured of. We did 1 TVC and 3 web videos and all performed excellently. We did it within a month and it is the best performed video on Google. The team is absolutely great to work with.”

Julia Wei

Vice President, Integrated Communications (Regional), Lazada
“Energetic, creative and responsive bunch of folks. Great collaborators and very happy with the work.”

Mercedes Chua

Campaign Marketing Manager, Deliveroo
“Their enthusiasm and passion for brand and video production was evident in their work. From conceptualisation, to shoot, and production, the team’s professionalism blew me away! If you’re looking for a partner for your next campaign, you’ll be in good hands.”

Dora Tan

Brand Analyst, BRF Asia
“Agile, supportive and dedicated team with impeccable client service! Also a really genuine bunch that prioritises understanding your business needs to provide tailored solutions. Highly recommended for all marketing and branding needs!”

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