Featured Brand Review: Twistrek Sunglasses

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Featured Brand Review: Twistrek Sunglasses

As part of our continuing series, we polled the Superminted team for local brands they’d love to see reviewed and Twistrek Sunglasses was voted our Brand of The Month. Join our Brand Strategists and hear what they have to say as they review Twistrek in full detail – from vision and mission, to brand identity, and even the brand’s design philosophy.

About The Company

Twistrek was conceived in 2021 as a collaborative effort between two friends, Caitlyn Lim and Jessica Ho. In a short call with Superminted, founder and CEO Caitlyn shed a little more light on the Ying-Yang nature of the duo’s partnership. She shared how she helms the business development and operations side of the business, while Jessica leads the charge for all things product and design-related. When asked, she shared how the brand’s roots began with a mission for acceptance and inclusion.

“Our creations seek to respect and co-exist with the universe and all its lifeforms.”

– Twistrek’s Mission

The founders of Twistrek sought to release a line of sunglasses that would accommodate all walks of life. They achieved this by consulting experts within the field and intentionally designed sunglasses that could fit anyone regardless of race, gender, or facial type. Combined with a bold design system that draws from futuristic fashion themes, Twistrek aims to take its customers on a journey of discovery and harmony.

Elements of Twistrek’s Brand Identity

In our previous Featured Brand Review, we dissected and broke down Wacky Wear’s brand identity as the sum of its elements. These elements, which Superminted’s Principal Brand Consultant and CEO Nadine Wu explained in her Branding Masterclass series, form the tangible expression of a brand and is what people associate with a brand’s reputation.

With the media kit that Twistrek provided Superminted, our team of Brand Strategists reviewed the various elements of their brand identity and had this to say:

Name and Logo

Twistrek's Name and Logo as part of our Brand Review

The brand’s logo and name is clearly synced up with their mission and vision, there’s no incongruence here! Aligned with their mission of inclusion, the logo’s circular shapes and rounded edges reflect a sense of wholeness and belonging. Remember that patterns and shapes convey emotions as well, and this is a fantastic example of that!

Similarly, the brand’s name calls forth futuristic themes that invites, inspires, and reimagines. “Twistrek” sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie (Blade Runner, anybody?) and we’re down for it. This syncs up perfectly with the brand’s philosophy – a boundless journey into the future.

Colour Palette and Assets

Twistrek’s brand colour is “Majorelle Blue” and it features as the primary colour in all their media assets and messaging. Similar to how patterns and shapes invoke emotions, colours do as well!

Twistrek's Brand Colours and Palette

In this case, Twistrek’s decision was based on neutrality which is very much attuned to their concepts of harmony and co-existence. It reinforces their brand identity in a coherent way while kindling the precise emotions it wishes to evoke with magenta and blue, it’s an intentional choice that pays off!

Personality and Tone Of Voice

Twistrek’s futuristic brand personality is encapsulated in its identity and tone of voice. Much of its language utilises unconventional terms, such as referring to people and objects as “life forms”. It embodies their forward-looking and experimental convictions, one that’s paving a future of possibilities. Concurrently, we could also argue that their word choice also bolsters concepts of acceptance through all-encompassing terms. Instead of a binary “this or that”, they opt to be all inclusive through their language.

Brand Application

This leads us to our next set of questions – how is this reflected in their products and services? Is this evident in their online or offline communications?

Inclusivity In Fashion

For some brands, inclusivity might mean modelling products on a diverse group of models. In the case of Twistrek, their product showcase on Instagram involves using a non-descript featureless model instead. This unconventional approach demonstrates how Twistrek’s products are designed for everyone and can be worn by anyone, so much so that it fits perfectly on a “mannequin”. It’s definitely out there, but stands as an intriguing way of depicting inclusivity.

Avante-Garde Designs

It should come as no surprise that Twistrek’s products look very different from run-of-the-mill sunglasses. Its brand is clearly manifested in the design of each product, reimagining past fashion trends with bold futuristic designs. When quizzed on the brand’s approach to product design, Caitlyn further explained that they spent a significant amount of time understanding their product and developing its unique selling points. They worked with industry experts to curate the perfect fit to ensure inclusivity, and it took multiple design revisions to arrive at a look that was aligned with the brand’s mission and vision. 

When it comes to putting business before branding, Twistrek doesn’t cut any corners. They did the due diligence to ensure their product fully captured the spirit of the brand and they’re all the better for it!

Room For Improvement

One aspect that had us a little stumped was Twistrek’s target audience. While the visual elements and design philosophy speaks to an avant-garde fashion-centric crowd, the brand’s mission and verbal elements appeal towards a more holistic and inclusive target audience. In addition, there’s a certain mysticism and aspirational tone in their choice of words (e.g. energies, metaphysical) which also appeals to a separate third group of individuals.

Source: https://iconicfox.com.au/brand-archetypes/

We can further examine this from the viewpoint of brand archetypes. At the moment, it appears that Twistrek embodies three brand personalities – the Creator, the Everyman, and the Magician. The Creator archetype seeks to drive innovation, is daring, provocative, and seeks to inspire. Meanwhile, the Everyman archetype caters towards inclusivity and belonging, it’s all about harmony and co-existence. Finally, the Magician archetype revolves around the power of belief, imagination, and the supernatural.

While it is not uncommon for brand personalities to be interpreted differently by different people, Twistrek must be certain about who they want to appeal to most of all. Regardless of whether they’re consciously aiming to embody the Creator, Everyman, and Magician archetypes, the brand must be clear about whether their brand personality is being presented and communicated effectively enough to appeal to their desired target audience.

Our Thoughts, As Life Forms

Well, we love what we see from Twistrek! Beginning with their mission and vision, all the way to their product design, the brand has laid strong foundations for a cohesive brand identity. While there are some areas they can tweak to maximise their potential, we’re certain that the brand has a firm handle on how it plans to advance forward.

The Continuous Journey Of Branding

Speaking of advancing forward, we’d like to close out this Featured Brand Review by reminding you, dear reader, that branding is an ongoing and never ending process. As the world changes, so too must brands evolve in order to stay relevant. 

To that end, Superminted ceaselessly strives to be your go-to guides in all things brand management. If you’re excited to transform your brand and propel it to greater heights, reach out to us and find out how we can reimagine your brand today!

Daryl is a Copy Editor at Superminted, fueled by a love for bringing emotionally engaging stories to life. With  carefully selected words and a smart turn of phrase, he is devoted to helping brands shape their unique voice.


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