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Mephine Ong

Head of Creatives
Magnetic, Marketable, Married

Francis Tan

Creative Director
Feisty, Fearless, Feeling

Arinah Sham

Film Director
Affable, Rational, Imaginative

Kyra Coleen Jose

Art Director, Video
Kute, Konfused, Kan't-Spell

Van Ha Mai

Art Director, Visuals
Young Soul, Kind, Resourceful

Sherilyn Lee

Head of Project Management
Snazzy, Serene, Skilled

Emmeline Toh

Project Manager
Easy-going, Exotic, Endangered

Amanda Ong

Adventurous, Adaptable, Authentic

Samantha Avila

Project Management Associate
Sensational, Sprightly, Spontaneous

Douglas Lin

Head of Production
Distinct, Delinquent, Daddy

Wesley Lim

Manager, Post Production
Calm, Stressed, Confused

Izham Nordin

Snr. Video Editor and Animator
Committed, Dependable, Positive

Rashmila C.

Video Editor
Reliable, Resilient, (Not) Rash

Micah Tan

Assist. Production Executive
Mysterious, Melancholic, Millennial

Farhaidil Syah

Jnr. Video Editor
ZaddyOppar, Different, Himbo

Rachel Han

Team Lead, Branding and Design
Resourceful, Versatile, Creative

Lee Zi Xuan

Style (Taylor's Version)

Francois Winstone

Thinker, Over-Thinker, Not French

Li Ying

Ambivert, Tenacious, Adaptable

Anusha Kasi

Inquistive, Cheerful, Enthusiastic

Patrene Mathieu

Designer, Freelance
Artistic, Reliable, Problem-Solving

Sheann Neo

Content Writer
Reliable, Restless, Riot

Lalien Lim

Intern, Social Media Management
Heng, Ong, Huat

Carolyn Yeo

Manager, People Operations
Chic, Cooperative, Cordial

Nadine Wu

Imaginative, Experimental, All-Rounder

Esther Phua

Patient, Pragmatic, Peace-Loving

Jeremiah Su

Energetic, Enigmatic, Empowering

Alexa Fajardo

Snr. Account Manager
Friendly, Trustworthy, Detail-Oriented

Barry Teo

Business Development Executive
Bold, Brave, Blessed

Wee Yuhui

Intern, Marketing Communications
Live, Laugh, Laugh Harder

Tyronne Tong

Intern, Content Creator
Talk-No-Jutsu, Transcendent, The Otabeng

Yufeng Xiao

Head of Expansion, Shanghai
Responsible, Daring, Calm

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To be the team that solves every marketing challenge thrown our way.

Overheard in the office

“I have rude thoughts...”
"Yo – got 15 minutes?"
"Nup." – flips hair
"Damn meta sial."

Overheard in the office

“I have rude thoughts...”

"Yo – got 15 minutes?"
"Nup." – flips hair

"Damn meta sial."



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