Creative Masterclass #1 – The Creative Process, Outlined

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Creative Masterclass #1 – The Creative Process, Outlined

With notebook and pen in hand, Mephine Ong gazes intently at her screen, wearing an expression of pure focus. It’s evident to any passerby that she’s fully immersed in her thoughts. As Superminted’s Head of Creatives, Mephine is the driving force behind creative conceptualisation and ideation. Her role is pivotal to our success, and her distinctive creative touch shines through in every award-winning campaign we deliver.

Creative Masterclass 1

But what exactly is this creative touch, and what goes into achieving that? The creative process is something that can be mystifying and tough to describe. To get a glimpse behind the curtain, we sat down with Mephine and spoke to her about experience during the creative process.

The Creative Process

Daryl: Hi Mephine, thanks for taking the time to speak with me! Recently, you had a cameo appearance in our “Meet The Tribe” video where you slammed a brief on the table as part of the creative process. That’s not actually your creative process right?

                                                                                  Watch the full video right here!

Mephine: What makes you think that isn’t the actual process? *laughs* 

Daryl: Uh….

Mephine: Okay I’m just pulling your leg, that was just for show. The actual process is very different.

Daryl: Phew, okay! In that case, can you tell me what it’s actually like?

Mephine: *proceeds to explain everything in detail*

Daryl: Okay, you lost me a little. There’s a ton of detail there so can we rewind?

Mephine: Here, let me sketch it out. Maybe that’ll be easier.

Author’s Note: We digitised her sketch below, with some artistic liberties

Creative Process


Author’s Note: *At this point, Mephine looks pleased*

Daryl: From what I can see, it sounds like a lot of it is understanding the client’s objectives clearly to come up with strategies moving forward. 

Mephine: Yup, precisely.

Daryl: Are there any portions that pose additional challenges during the creative process?

Mephine: I think one significant challenge is ensuring our creative goals align with the client’s needs. As consultants, clients come to us for our expertise. Therefore, it’s crucial for us to constantly evaluate whether our ideas serve the client or merely satisfy our egos. We must maintain a holistic perspective and remain receptive to feedback, ensuring our creativity remains focused on delivering impactful results.

What Sets Superminted Creatives’ Apart

Daryl: All said and done, what do you think makes your team special? Like the Creative team’s USP compared to other agencies.

Mephine: I think what sets us apart is our collaborative ethos. We operate as a tightly-knit team and we bring diverse perspectives to achieve the best outcomes. On top of that, we really focus on prioritising the client’s needs, viewing ourselves as problem solvers dedicated to fulfilling business requirements.

Daryl: That’s pretty wholesome! As Head of Creatives, how do you go about fostering that collaborative environment?

Mephine: This is something I can say, loud and proud – when someone asks me what the culture is like in the Creative team, my response is “we are very collaborative”. It is something that we are really proud of. No single person works alone, and it’s not because we don’t trust each other, but rather because we want to support each other and provide different perspectives. We don’t operate in isolation and people in the team have a very strong interest in helping one another out. For example, even though Francis (Superminted’s Creative Advisor) works remotely from Penang, he will proactively jump in to help and take things off my plate if he sees that I’m swamped.

Daryl: Yeah I think that’s actually quite unique too, like most people tend to think of Creatives as lone rangers that operate alone right?

Mephine: Precisely! Correct me if I’m wrong, but the typical impression of creatives in the industry is that creatives are usually eccentric and self-absorbed “I’m a gift from heaven” types. I don’t think that’s true at all. At least not for my team haha.

Words Of Wisdom and Advice

Daryl: As someone with so much experience, having gone through your own trials and tribulations as a creative, do you have anything you’d like to share with younger creatives?

Mephine: Being a creative can be a tiring and yet rewarding journey. It’s never a linear graph of effort and returns. This is something I’ve shared with my team members in the past but the ups and downs of the role fluctuates wildly. If you want to enter the creative field, you need to have a strong belief in yourself. You need to accept that things will not go the way you want, and it’s a rollercoaster ride all the way. So the words of wisdom here – really, don’t take life too seriously and don’t take things too personally.

Streamlining Brand Management

The creative process is just one exmaple of how Superminted’s teams work in tandem to streamline the brand management process. We channel the creative spark through our technical expertise and experience across industries, to support brands in their journey of growth and evolution. 

For more industry-leading insight, remember to hit up our Insights page! Don’t forget to check out our past works as well, and see how Mephine’s creative spark truly shines in all of our amazing projects.

Daryl is a Copy Editor at Superminted, fueled by a love for bringing emotionally engaging stories to life. With  carefully selected words and a smart turn of phrase, he is devoted to helping brands shape their unique voice.


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