TOFW S2E4: Megan Yulga

Megan Yulga from Circles.Life reveals how the brand tackled one of the most risky and successful UGC led campaigns they’ve ever done. She opens up about the passion, grit and structure that goes behind the scenes of leading the telco’s marketing team.

TOFW S2E3: Mick Spiers

Mick Spiers from UMO Mobility reveals how their brand transitioned from being a reserved B2G brand to a relatable, humanised B2C identity that their audience loves! This huge change in their business ignited a newfound focus on empathy and simplicity.

TOFW S2E2: Neal Moore

Neal Moore from Moore’s Lore Media explains the journey to creating Visa’s successful travel campaign for Asian women. He talks about transforming meaningful, collaborative research to sensitive, tactful messages that can transcend international barriers.

TOFW S2E1: Anton Reyniers

Anton Reyniers from Google talks about the strategy behind Pornhub’s ‘Not My Toys’ campaign. He shares the importance of leveraging human insights to develop strategically crafted stories that connect brands to people.

TOFW S1E6: Dionysius Kartalaksana

Dion from Superpixel shares about his works for Gardens By the Bay. It includes stunning hologram installations that teach people about sustainability, nature and ecosystems! Watch how they brought this exhibit to life from a simple paper sketch!

TOFW S1E5: Felicia Toh

Felicia Toh of Byte Size Productions talks about a crazy shoot she was commissioned to do. A three days shoot prep involving 13 talents – sounds impossible? According to Felicia, it wasn’t.

TOFW S1E2: Jiang Jun

In this episode, Jiang Jun from Vayner Media shares a story on one of the trickiest marketing campaigns he ever executed. And highlights that sometimes content isn’t everything – is there more than meets the eye?

TOFW S1E3: Kenneth Choo

Jeremiah Su spoke to Kenneth Choo, Author, Speaker and Consultant at Mother Industrialist to talk about his journey from a failure of a campaign strategy to his newfound success in podcasting.

TOFW S1E4: Terng Shing & David Bobis

Jeremiah Su sits with Terng Shing of SYNC PR and David Bobis, Author of “Everyday A**holes”. What started out as random doodles on notepads has grown into something bigger for David. Listen to his journey as he works to expand the reach of his art through an upcoming book.

TOFW S1E1: Andrew Heathcote

In the very first episode of The Other ‘F’ Words, Jeremiah Su had the opportunity to connect with Andrew Heathcote, a business owner of the video production company ‘Origins of Motions’. Andrew shares how video is a powerful tool for clients and what makes one of his favourite projects a memorable one.