Tales that Bind

Stories create ties that bind. They influence, teach and inspire our future generations, like a father reading to his child. Through stories, we create connections and values that unite us as one.

A Superminted Halloween

We dare you to watch this till the end. Introducing our first ever production since becoming Superminted, “The Vanishing”, the trailer alone will send chills down your spine. Catch it now before Netflix picks it up.

Office Inferno (Singles Inferno Parody)

This Valentine’s Day, we decided to give these work-loving individuals a chance to look for love out of the office ❤️‍🔥 In Office Inferno, their professions are less of a mystery as their habits spill over to the way they behave and chase their love interests.

Realistic Drawings #BreakTheBias

What would come to mind if someone asked you to draw… a woman? 🧑🏼‍🎨 And so, to find out how people perceive women, we invited six of our team members to participate in a f̶a̶k̶e̶ fun character design exercise, giving us a glimpse into their minds (and of their drawing skills) 👀

Mother’s Know Best – Do they?

Skip the drama, stay with mama ~ Mother’s Day may be over but who says we can’t celebrate them any other day? After all, don’t mothers know best? 🎧 Hear from our SPMT mums, Mephine, Carolyn and Regina and see if you can do better than them in the quiz! 😉