Axxa Global

Wellness Made Easy Axxa Global is a seed nutrition company that combines nature and technology to create patented botanical beverage mix. Established in 2011, the brand seeks rebranding efforts to remain relevant and set future strategic goals to be seen as a wellness brand. A Society that Prioritises Health and Wellness Considering the brand’s heritage, […]


Taste of Korea Geonbae is more than a Korean drink company. They offer accessibility to a range of quality Korean F&B products to bring the authentic taste of Korea to Singapore. Geonbae needed to rebrand themselves to attract new businesses and expand their product range. Through our brand strategy, we helped to re-established the brand’s […]

ArbSolutions Asia

A Cut Above the Rest ArbSolutions Asia (“ASA”) is a tree management company providing arboriculture solutions. ASA approached The Outsiders Co. to develop a brand identity system so that they can build brand awareness and establish their vision. Urban Greenery Specialists The heart of ASA lies in its passion for trees. Hence, we developed a […]


From Farm To Fork Sadia is a frozen food brand under BRF, a Brazilian global food company with more than 80 years of culinary expertise. Founded in 1944, Sadia has been providing innovative and quality meals for consumers around the world. With a focus on providing farm-fresh frozen chicken products to consumers, Sadia has helped […]